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Bantus Capoeira Singapore provides a dazzling array of Brazilian entertainment. From international festivals to dinner and dances to private parties, we will design and cater to your budget and entertainment needs.

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An exhilarating crowd-pleaser, guaranteed to wow with acrobatics feats and up-lifting music and rhythm. It can be performed in a small group of 3-4 performers, as well as a group of 10-12 performers with live music.


An Afro-Brazilian, tribal dance, choreographed with sticks or real knives. It can be performed as a dance item or as a theatrical piece, following a folk-story about a boy called Maculele, who saves his village. With an option in LED and UV OR fire effects! A definite visual spectacle, unique from other tribal performances.


- or Sambistas, resplendent in their dazzling Samba outfits complete with flamboyant feathers, are sure to get your audience on their feet with their hot Samba moves and infectious smiles. A great way to add instant glamour, colour and fun to any event!


A live percussion band playing various pulsating Samba rhythms. Your audience will definitely be up on their feet to groove with us!


Annually, Bantus Capoeira Singapore organizes a Brazilian festival called “Ritmo do Brasil” or the Rhythm of Brazil. This festival witnesses the gathering of all Bantus students for a week of different workshops in Capoeira, Music and other Afro-Brazilian artforms. It is also during this important festival, that we hold a special ceremony known as Batizado- Troca de Corda, where students are awarded their Cordas (belts).

Batizado Batizado is an initiation ceremony, welcoming new members to the group by presenting their first cordão (belt), and also a time when students with more experience are awarded their next cardao. In Capoeira, students are graded according to their level of discipline, skill, knowledge and musicality. However also a student’s overall participation in the group is looked at and awarded accordingly, so it’s not just about the skill of Capoeira but also the commitment to the group. Hence, one is not necessarily awarded the next belt every year. There are two grading systems, one for below 15 years old and one for adults (16 years and above)

Ritmo Do Brasil

Noite Brasileira- Brazilian Night

As part of the festival, Bantus Capoeira Singapore (in partnership with Ishtar Bee) celebrates their annual Batizado festival by hosting a Noite Brasileira: ‘Ritmo Brasil”. This carnival-style party will showcase international capoeira performers and Brazilian dance and music.


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Ritmo do Brasil” is available to you as a customized, Brazilian-themed entertainment show, full of Brazilian performances that can include Capoeira, Samba, Batucada and Maculele. It can be designed to span over a 3-hour dinner event or just a short but awesome 15- minute segment.

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